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Site Design and Programming

We have a wide range of experience in site development and programming. We can bring just about any ideas into existence on the screen. Our clients range from small businesses selling such diverse products as salad dressing, work gloves, and vintage motorcycle parts; to larger businesses such as an international online education university and companies working in conjunction with major automakers. Your web project can be a simple one or two page site, or a complex invoicing/tracking/management application that is an ongoing project for years. We bring together technical expertise from many fields and management skills to ensure that work gets done to your specifications and deadlines.

Please contact us to get a customized quote for your needs. Our prices are very competitive, even 'cheap' to some, and yet we deliver high quality work.

We specialize in getting small businesses on the internet. Depending on your knowledge, we can get you all set you up and let you handle it, or if you'd rather focus on your actual business and not have to learn yet something else, we can manage it all for you. Or somewhere in between. It's your choice.

Visual & Front-End

Graphic Design
Layout and Page Design
DHTML & Javascripting
Flash & Shockwave movies


Java Applet/JSP/Scripting
Many other programming languages

We provide:

Shopping Carts & Ecommerce
Online Invoicing
Management/Tracking Applications
Photo Galleries
Anything else you want created or setup

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