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Other Services

Other high quality services we offer to provide our clients with all-inclusive technology services. Contact us for your custom needs and we will do our best to serve you.

Domain Name Registration

$8.95/year for self-serve COM/NET/ORG domains

$15.00 First year - $12/yr for renewals for managed domains. We handle all registration and management details for you!

Easily register your chosen domain name (subject to availability), and manage it with our easy to use control panel. Our nameserver info is automatically used if you use our hosting service.

Pay for domain name registration along with your other internet services. We can accept checks, money orders, paypal, etc. One stop shopping! Get one invoice!

For a small additional fee, we can handle all the details related to registering and managing your domain for you!

Spam Filtering

Our Spam Filtering service comes at no additional charge for our hosting accounts!

We have looked high and low for the best kind of spam filtering, and have spent many hours tuning and configuring it so that it works as well as possible for our clients.

  • Auto-Whitelisting the recipient of any outgoing email you send. This ensures that the person you sent email to can reply back to you without jumping through any hoops to get their message through or heaven forbid, being blocked.
  • The filter mathematically (Bayesian statistics) knows what email you prefer to send and receive and ensures that email that looks similar gets through. No human is involved in this automated process!
  • Manual Whitelisting (just send an email containing the addresses that you want to guarantee to get through the filter!)
  • The spam filter also catches many viruses. EXE, PIF, and SCR files, and many other common virus extensions are blocked outright at the mailserver.
  • Just forward any spam email that sneaks through the filter to the spam address, (I get only a few spams a week, down from hundreds, even thousands, before filtering!)
  • You have the option to be completely untouched by the filtering, if you so desire. Or receive all your suspected spam email clearly marked as SPAM so you can do your own sorting. Otherwise, in the normal mode, you'll hardly ever see any spam!
  • Spam is rejected at the server level, so the spammer can tell the email did not go through and they were not successful. What a shame! Too bad! (For them, not you)
  • If an email from a a friend or client of yours accidentally gets blocked, they'll get a standard error notice back telling them that the email did NOT go through and providing an unfiltered address for them to get through to be whitelisted. The system is designed so that they won't think that their email went through to you, when actually it was caught by the filter and you never saw it. We never delete or reject mail without notifying the sender about it.
  • Due to the ever-changing nature of spam, we do not guarantee that your inbox will be completely spam-free. We try to keep the best balance between blocking spam and keeping good mail that you want. But we do guarantee that spam will no longer be a problem for you. Deleting a fifty or a hundred spam emails a day is a problem. Deleting one or two or three per WEEK is not a problem. Even one per day is not a problem.
  • We also do not guarantee that all viruses will be caught by the filter. The great majority of them will be caught and zapped... but there will always be that latest one that sneaks through. User education, and a good up-to-date virus scanner, is the best prevention method to avoid being infected. Never open strange attachments or run programs sent to you through email. Keep your virus scanner regularly updated with the latest virus signatures, and apply the appropriate security patches to your system frequently. Zip file viruses are the most likely viruses and worms to sneak through our filtering, especially password protected ones. However, they are also the hardest to get infected by. Before being infected, the user must open the zip file, and then extract the program contained in it, often also being required to enter a password contained in the email. Be careful about opening email attachments, even from people you know, if you are not expecting them.

Note: For maximum spam filtering effectiveness, you must send your outgoing email through our mail server. If your ISP blocks outgoing connections to mailservers other than theirs, we can provide an alternate port for you to use so that you can still make use of our service.

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